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Individual Therapy with Chelsea

Do you have difficulty feeling worthy?

Are you struggling with feelings of stress and anxiety?

Do you feel awkward, or like your social skills aren't enough?

Do you wish you felt more at peace with the past, and were able to plan for the future?

By joining my practice as a client, I am able to offer you...

Ten years of human services experience

  • Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioral, and Solution-Focused Modalities

  • Flexible therapy modalities to fit your unique needs and process

  • Weekly availability

My practice has special expertise in...

  • Treating Anxiety

  • Coping with Stress and Change

  • Advancing Social Skills

  • Building Self Worth

  • Addressing Disruptions of Attachment in Childhood

My commitment is to work with you to address the concerns that brought you to therapy

and help you reduce the stressors that are impacting your life.

I commit that I will practice kindness and non-judgment

I am here to support you

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