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Scholarship Program

Guiding Values of Foster Parent Therapy




How it works

Scholarship Program clients pay only $50 per 50 minute therapy session

I have committed to keeping at least 5 scholarships available at any given time, or 20% of my caseload, whichever is higher.

Scholarships are renewed every 60 days based on need and availability.

There is no maximum time someone can be a scholarship recipient - though many clients do eventually transition out as their financial landscape changes.

Who is eligible to apply? How do I apply?

Any client who is experiencing financial barriers to access the services of Foster Parent Therapy or Individual Therapy with Chelsea McGowan, LCSW may apply for a scholarship.

Interest in the program is discussed as part of every intake for new clients, and existing clients are welcome to apply for a scholarship during their session or via email if they face unexpected financial hardship.

How do you afford to do this?

The Scholarship Program is designed to be sustainable long term so that my practice does not need to decline clients based on their ability to pay. Every client of Foster Parent Therapy contributes via their fees to sustaining this program.

What if I can't afford $50 per session and still need help?

Please reach out to me via email or a no-fee consultation and let's talk. Very occasionally, clients who have received services through Foster Parent Therapy offer to sponsor no-fee scholarships for clients with significant and intractable financial need.

I want to help another foster or adoptive family or a former foster youth, how can I?

My practice is always looking for sponsors for no-fee scholarships for low-income foster/adoptive parents, both one-time gifts and ongoing sponsorship.  helping our community, and supporting access for all.