Chelsea McGowan, LCSW

My journey as a clinician started in 2010, working with foster youth in group home settings who were about to begin their journey into adulthood. I knew then, as I know now, that group home care does not provide the loving, nurturing, supportive environment that children need. I knew that what those children needed were parents.

I've specialized in foster care and child welfare services throughout my career, and have devoted myself to supporting and encouraging families that are opening their doors to traumatized, displaced children. Every child who gains a parent gains a better chance for their future.

I was first certified as a foster parent in 2015, and became approved as a Resource Family in 2018. I have provided both kinship foster care and unmatched/non-relative foster care. I am an adoptive mother of fourchildren from the California foster care system, two of whom who are now young adults in college. I know that the path is difficult, I have walked it myself, and now I am here to walk with you.